Carry it outside, you and the phone!

Libraries are changing but some rules have remained the same for good reason. Just keep in mind that some people need fewer distractions. If you want to socialize, take it outside.

Proper etiquette to use when visiting your favorite library.

Libraries are changing to meet the new technologies and new requirements placed upon them. Some things have changed whereas some have not. There are certain rules of etiquette to follow when visiting your library. Remember to always be polite to those around you. Explore this site to see what some libraries are doing to meet the new demands where computers are replacing shelved books.

Other library rules of etiquette

Every library has its own set of rules of conduct that are to be observed for the benefit of the patron. There are many variations of this theme and here are some of the more popular web sites found on the web. Depending on what type of library you are looking for will also support a different set of rules to follow. It helps to know what is acceptable in one versus another. Some rules are universal where others have varying themes. Make sure you know what is permissible and what is not before you venture into the halls of books and computers.

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Articles you can find online

Amy Vanderbilt and Emily Post still have something to say about how to behave in a library that applies even to this day. It comes down to using your common sense and knowing how to respect those around you.

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